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Walk In Our Shoes Riverside City (Inland Area Region)

SEIU 721 City of Riverside members serve the community and often city leaders and even high-level managers don’t understand the complexity, pressure and sometimes danger of the work that members do on a daily basis. We need Riverside City management to get a close view of what frontline workers do in the community.

As we work to improve our workplaces and our community, we are doing a Walk In Our Shoes for the City of Riverside on August 29th. When city leaders get a better sense of what we do in our jobs, then we can work together to help raise up Riverside by improving city services. Sign up to be shadowed!

>> Download the flyer

For more information please contact: Worksite Organizer Abdiel Coronel (213) 446-8420

Host: Abdiel Coronel
City of Riverside (Riverside, CA)
Riverside, CA 92507
Directions: Sign up to be shadowed!, Download the flyer.